Day 4 – Sheridan (WY) to Great Falls (MT)

Miles today – 440

Total Miles – 1754

This is a picture from the hotel in Sheridan, Wyoming.  Pretty little town at the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains.

Didn’t get a picture of the Montana border sign.  I was on I-25/90 and didn’t see the exit.

There is so much history along the interstate and one day I’ll come back to see stuff like Custer’s Battleground and Memorial; the Crow Nation Museum; and some other things I can’t remember right now.  Stopped for gas in Hardin, MT and ran into a guy from San Antonio headed to Kalispell, MT for the summer.  He even knew the general area when I told him where I was from!

In Billings, I decided to leave the interstate and follow US87 north.  Again, some great, great scenery and a reminder how much open country exists in the wester U.S.A.  Drove through the Bull Mountains and Roundup, MT which, at around 2,000 people, is a pretty big town.  Turned west at Grass Range, MT (about 100 people from what I could see) and followed the Lewis & Clark trail through Lewistown, MT and on into Great Falls, MT.

Great Falls is on the Missouri River and is running full due to the snow melt.  In fact, I had 92F on the thermometer in my truck and just missed a large, severe thunderstorm that passed just to the east of Great Falls.

Tomorrow – on to Calgary.