Day 5 – Great Falls, MT to Calgary, AB (Canada)

Miles today – 325

Total Miles – 2021 (approx)

Started the day in Great Falls, MT and made the last 118 miles in the continental US to the border crossing at Sweet Grass, MT/Coutts, AB (Alberta, Canada).  The picture below doesn’t do a lot of justice to the area, but basically its all wheat fields as far as you can see.

Next was the border crossing.  Not sure if I was supposed to take a picture, but here it is.  After a 20 minute wait (the yellow car in front of me didn’t have a license plate and only temporary tags), the border guard asked a few simple questions, reviewed all my documents, handed them back, wished me a good trip, and, off I went.

Next was the province of Alberta, Canada and my first practical exposure to the metric system.  Luckily, math is my friend and I know enough to do some simple conversions from metric to US imperial.  Speed limits are 110kmh (about 66mph) on the open roads but all of the distances are in kilometers.  Fortunately, my GPS stays in miles.

Here are a couple of pictures along the road from the border to Lethbridge,  AB – The first major town on the way to Calgary.

Someone had a little fun with the barn windows!

Arrived Calgary without too much trouble and will be here two nights.  I was able to find a Toyota dealer with an express lube service and had my truck serviced.  Hard to believe that I’ve travelled a little over 2,000 miles and I’m not even halfway there!