Day 6 – Calgary, AB

No travel today!

Started the day by sleeping in (kinda).  I’m a sun-up/sun-down type person and, well, the sun rises around 5:30am and sets around 10:00pm.  As for the weather, its a little warm for this time of year, but, that means lows around 50 and highs in the high 70’s/low 80’s.  There’s a cool down expected this weekend but I should be in Alaska by then.

Anyway, started the day at the local Cabela’s.  Stores are more like what used to be Gander Mountain but with Cabela’s gear.  The really cool thing is that the prices are about the same but with the exchange rate I basically got a 30% discount.  They are just transitioning to their “summer” gear so they had there spring gear on sale.  Needless to say, “spring” is more like our winter, so, I got a couple of nice “winter” shirts.  I still can’t get over the friendliness of the people here.  One of the staff asked me if I needed help and we ended up talking for an hour about differences between Cabela’s (US) and Cabela’s (Canada) and a lot of other stuff.  I also stopped by the gun library and was amazed at the amount of information and helpfulness the lady was able to provide.  A totally different experience than you would have in Buda.

I then drove south to Fort Calgary and spent some time in the museum and walking on the trail along the Bow and Elbow Rivers (the fort is built on the confluence).  Overall, I am really impressed by the city and its people.  So much different than at home.

Here is the confluence of the Bow (muddy water) and the Elbow (blue
water) rivers.

Here is a picture of downtown Calgary 

Here is a picture of General McCleod (basically the person who founded Calgary) and a chipmunk outside the museum.

Tomorrow, on to Grande Prairie, AB, Canada.