Day 13 – Homer, AK

Miles today: 11

Total Miles: 4709

Today and tomorrow are “rest” days in Homer, AK, before heading back towards home.  Not a lot of pictures today, and I didn’t take a picture of the halibut (they are kinda ugly).

I went halibut fishing this morning with Inlet Charters- Across Alaska Adventures who set me up with Captain Mike Huff and “Wild Thing”.  We left Homer around 6:30am (finally the sun coming up and me waking up at 4:30am was useful) and travelled about 32 nautical miles west-southwest of Homer deep into the Cook Inlet to fish.  The water was about 200 feet deep and fishing was pretty simple – drop your line to the bottom and “jig” it up and down 2 or 3 feet.  Halibut feed on the bottom and hit the bait from underneath.  Amazingly, at least to me, catching fish was not a problem; the problem is the slot.  Most of the fish are under 28 inches and you can only keep one fish over 28 inches.  More or less, you have to catch one as close to 28 inches as possible and then one over 28 inches.  Eventually, I caught my “big” one and we were back in port by noon.

On our way out, sea otters were everywhere and they look pretty much like any picture you can find on the internet or in a book.  It is cool to see them “live”.  We were able to see a humpback whale breach, but getting a picture is kind of like getting a picture of lightning – it didn’t happen.  On the way back in, Captain Mike pointed out a number of active volcanos on the horizon and explained that many erupt on a regular basis without any fanfare.

The other thing to note is the beauty and clarity of the water.  For those of us used to the Gulf of Mexico – this ain’t the Gulf of Mexico!

Tomorrow is a full rest day, so I’ll probably check back in on Thursday as I start back home.