Day 16 – Glenallen, AK to Whitehorse, YT

Miles Today: 533

Total Miles: 5,781

I left Glenallen, AK early this morning.  Temperature was around 35F/1.7C with a little frost on the windshield.  Needles to say, I’ve finally found the cool weather I was looking for.

As you leave Glenallen headed east, you don’t have many options.

I chose Fairbanks/Canada, which also took me back to Tok.  The road from Tok to Anchorage, through Glenallen, is called the Tok cut-off and is the route most people take to Anchorage.  When I left Tok the other morning, I wanted to complete the Alaska Highway, so, I went north instead of taking the Tok Cut-off.

Filled with gas in Tok (about 140 miles from Glenallen) and headed towards Canada and Whitehorse.  The Yukon sign (below) and the Alaska sign (from the other day) are in the same parking lot and this is the “official” border; however, the customs offices are about 20 miles apart with the Canadian stop at Beaver Creek, YT.

Canadian customs asked a few more questions than the first time, but I made it through with no issues.  Again, I had an RV in front and in back of me – starting to think timing it this way is everything.

Driving towards Whitehorse, I again passed Kluane Lake.  After some research, I discovered that the glacier that fed the lake has retreated to the point that it now feeds a different river.  So, Kluane Lake, at this point, is completely dependent on snowpack and rain (and it was raining today).

Along the road, I got to see one of the last species of “large” wildlife I’m probably going to see on this trip.  Since traffic was already stopped, here is a picture of a cinnamon color-phase grizzly bear.  Quite impressive to see it eating on the side of the road.

The rest of the trip was made in a light, steady rain that did a good job of cleaning bugs off my grill and windshield.