Day 17 – Whitehorse, YT to Dease Lake, BC

Miles Today: 405

Total Miles: 6110

Whitehorse was much cooler than when I was here last week.  Last Friday the high was in the 90’sF, this week 40’sF.  When I left this morning, it was 35F and I drove through some light snow about 30 miles from town.  The highest temperature I saw on the truck’s thermometer today was only 49F, so it’s cold compared to the 100F or so at home.

Today’s route followed the Alaska Highway from Whitehorse to the junction with BC37 about 12 miles from Watson Lake.  This is the same road I wrote about in my Day 8 post, so there’s not much to add other than it is a much nicer drive when its dry.  Today’s drive was almost all wet – either rain or snow.

Turning south at BC37, the Cassiar Highway (or BC37) is a two lane track through the mountains of western BC.  I say two lanes, but, in fact, the entire road is unstriped right now (although it is paved), so, you kind of have to pick your path.  This gets interesting if you meet a large truck or RV.

About the only thing to note was that, somewhere along the way, I transitioned from almost exclusively spruce and poplar trees to spruce, fir, aspen, birch, and poplar.  The scenery is spectacular (as it has been for a while) with the added benefit of fresh snow (about 6 inches in places) on the mountains.  Dease Lake is as beautiful as most of many of the other lakes I’ve seen.  Smaller lakes along this highway are crystal clear; being able to see their bottoms even from the road.

The only thing I was able to take a picture of today was a black bear and I will post that when I have better internet.  As for cell phone service, the last signal I had was in Whitehorse – over 400 miles away – and I don’t expect any for another 300 miles or so.  Anyone relying on being connected should definitely avoid the Cassiar Highway.