Day 18 – Dease Lake, BC to Prince Rupert, BC

Miles Today:  425

Total Miles:  6,535

Today’s travels were all about black bears and trees.

In case anyone is wondering, there appears to be no shortage of black bears in north central British Columbia.  They are everywhere – even in the trees (couldn’t get a picture with the semi-truck in back of me).  Here is a fairly representative picture of what I saw today.  At least they are black (most of them anyway) and easily seen.

As I said, there really weren’t many opportunities for new types of pictures, but here is a river along the highway.

I mentioned the trees.  In Alaska, Yukon, and northern BC, it is mainly spruce and poplar trees.  Most of these are less than 8 inches in diameter and a tree that large may be close to 300 years old.  Somewhere just north of Dease Lake, there is a change and you start to see fir, aspen, and birch trees intermingled with the spruce and poplar.  As you get further sound, there are also tremendous cottonwood trees (which are in full cotton mode).

As you drive south and towards the coast (Prince Rupert is about 300 miles south of Juneau, AK), the trees get huge.  Whereas a large tree in the north was 8 inches and 30 feet tall, as I drove to Prince Rupert, the trees were 100+ feet tall and 30+ inches in diameter.  A big difference.

Tomorrow I retrace 120 miles along BC16 (Yellowhead Highway) and then stay on BC16 to Prince George, BC.