Day 19 – Prince Rupert, BC to Prince George, BC

Miles Today:  447

Total Miles:  6,982

I guess you could call today’s journey : “Misty Mountains” to the “Lonely Mountain” (kudos if you get it)

This is a picture along the Skeena River as I was leaving Prince Rupert, BC this morning.

The Skeena is a major flow across north-central BC and is a major salmon river.  Although, according to the radio, all salmon fishing has been stayed until July 15 and then only certain species can be fished.  It is an effort to rebuild the population but there is some concern that they may not open the season next year either.  Another sad example of how humans impact the planet.

The drive today was one of lots of “flats” and lots of steep grades.  It is all logging country so you have to be very wary of logging trucks.  About 90 miles from Prince George, BC, is the “Lonely Mountain”.  While there are still “hills”, the really rough terrain seems to be over for now.  Although, I have to cross the Rockies at Banff on Friday.

Agriculture is beginning to pick up again as many places are farmed after the timber is cut.  I saw fences, cattle, and domestic horses for the first time in about 10 days today.  Kinda refreshing to see something familiar again.  I’ll be in Prince George for an extra day to rest and recoup, so, there may not be much of an update tomorrow.