Day 21 – Prince George, BC to Lillooet, BC

Miles Today: 323

Total Miles: 7,313

Again, not a lot of pictures today (well one of a logging truck that I got stuck behind for about 45 minutes) that would be of any interest to anyone but me most likely.

Today was a shorter drive, only 330 miles, and the first 290 or so were pretty ordinary as far as this trip has gone.  Prince George is a little bit larger town and had a good “vibe” to it.  Make no mistake, its an industrial town, but the town feels comfortable and modern.

Traveling along the “Caribou Highway”, or BC97, you snake yourself south towards Vancouver.  Plenty of ups and downs but nothing to severe. That was, until I turned onto BC99 which is the “Scenic Byway” to Vancouver through Whistler (think winter olympics).

BC99 is another road that I feel (my opinion) everyone should drive.  While I followed the Fraser River most of the day, BC99 follows the Fraser River Canyon which is a spectacular, “Oh My God!” type road.  The highway itself is a couple thousand feet above the river, and you can’t see it for most of the drive into Lillooet, but it is stunningly amazing.  To see hay fields and pastures on the terraces above the cliffs down to the river makes you wonder who thought to do that.

The only caution is for those that get claustrophobic or have a fear of heights.  They will both get you.  Also, if you have problems driving on steep grades (9% and greater), this is not the road for you.  The first sign you see states:  “The speed limit is 100km/h, but whose your own good sense on how fast to drive.”  I don’t think I got over 80km/h for the 40 or so miles that I drove.  Again, WOW!

Tomorrow is a white sturgeon fishing trip on the Fraser River (catch and release only), so I’ll update either tomorrow or on Friday when I get to Calgary, AB.