Day 25 – Calgary, AB to Butte, MT to Bozeman, MT

Miles Today:  551

Total Miles:  8,422

Longer travel day, but its that time to really start thinking about getting home.  Fortunately, the majority of the day was exclusively I-15 and then I-90 in Montana.  The only minor delay was “winning the lottery” and getting to spend another 15 minutes at border control in secondary inspection.  As I told the border guard: “not the lottery I wanted to win.”

Don’t misunderstand, border control has a job to do and everyone is subject to the secondary inspection – today it was me.  Like I said, everyone was professional and courteous.  I did get to see a “border control” issue when some idiot “forgot” he had a gun in his vehicle trying to enter Canada.  Really and truly, not the best idea in the world.  For anyone going north of our border, Canada is a great place (and I’m planning to go back often), but, it is ANOTHER COUNTRY.  While many of the laws are similar, there are many that are different and the punishments are often times much harsher than ours.  In other words – “DON’T BE STUPID”.

The only thing different along the way was that much of the wheat that was just starting to grow in early June was now heading out and the crops that I couldn’t identify turned out to be canola.  Here are a couple of pictures of blooming canola and an old-fashioned grain elevator along the road.

After re-entering the USA, I-15 head south through Great Falls and then on to Helena (the capital) and Butte.  Once again I was reminded that there are majestic, scenic, open spaces in this country as well.  I-15 basically follows the Missouri River south out of Great Falls to it source in the “Big Belt” Mountains.  Crossing the Continental Divide (I was wrong, I wasn’t through with steep grades quite yet), you make your way into Butte.  Unfortunately, Butte’s majesty is being destroyed by open pit mining which, while necessary for our lifestyles, does take away from a pretty area.

Taking I-90 east out of Butte, you once again climb into the mountain and re-cross the Continental Divide (I think for the last time) and drive through some more scenic, twisty, mountainous terrain.  As you come out of the mountains, you follow several rivers, including the Gallatin, and on in to Bozeman.

Bozeman is the home of Montana State University and is a picturesque town in its own right.

Tomorrow its on to Denver – another 550 miles or so.  I’ll stay a day or so at my sister’s and then drive home from there.  Hopefully, home on Thursday.