Day 26 – Bozeman, MT to Fort Lupton, CO

Miles Today:  687

Total Miles:  9,109

Longer drive today (longest of the trip), but it was all interstate – I90 to I94/I90 junction, continued on I-90 to I-25, and then I-25 to Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Because I was going to hit rush hour traffic in the Fort Collins/Denver area, I chose to complete the trip on US85.

The scenery is open and majestic – like much of the rest of the trip.  The highlight, for me anyway, was a stop in Kaycee, WY at the Chris Ledoux Memorial Park.

Not much else today, but I’d like to add a thought from yesterday (that occurred to me today).  Yesterday I mentioned that I followed the Missouri River south from Great Falls to the Continental Divide.  What is amazing is that the water from this area of Montana eventually ends up in the Gulf of Mexico.  I guess I always knew this, but I have a different perspective given I drove through the source and realized how far away from the Gulf of Mexico I actually was.