Camping Equipment

Prior to leaving, I spent quite a bit of time looking for equipment that I might need in case I ran into trouble or found myself without a hotel room for the night.  Many of the people I spoke to mentioned camping and/or sleeping in my vehicle (being a solo traveller, this was fairly easy).  After evaluating different configurations and possibilities, I settled in on a “truck bed tent”.

First, this makes sense for me because I drive a pick-up truck.  If you travel by car, you may want to consider a more traditional tent set-up.  However, because I do drive a truck, the “truck bed tent” made the most sense for me.

These tents allow the user to put a tent above your truck bed and use the truck bed as a kinda “secure” sleeping area.  As the pictures in my blog show, many large bears inhabit northwestern Canada and Alaska.  For me, having some metal between myself and the bears was comforting.

Once installed, there are a number of options to put an air mattress (individual or fitted to the truck bed) down for a more comfortable nights rest.  You can also purchase accessories like lamps and cookstoves that make any stop comfortable.  They even make small camping toilets that you can purchase if restroom facilities are not available.

If this sounds like an option for you, take a look at some of the products below.