Traveling North America by Automobile

Each year thousands of families set off to explore various parts of North America by car, truck, and RV.  This year I was one of them.  On June 1, I set out for Homer, Alaska from Fedor, Texas and travelled through Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska.

Over 30 days, I saw many great sights and experienced the full glory of the Alaska Highway.  To say this was a life-changing experience would not be exaggerating.  I met many wonderful people and found myself not only traveling, but, falling in love with the trip.

On this sight, I’d like to share my adventure and point you towards products and ideas that can help make your next road trip as enjoyable as mine.  If you are interested in this information, please bookmark this site and come back again as I develop the website and add more content that will help you plan and take the perfect road trip.

My actual journey…

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Help along the way (if you need it)

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Preserving your memories…

Along the way, I took pictures, we all do.  But what do you do when you get home and want to show people what you did and where you went.  A phonebook is a great way to create a lasting album to show family and friends.  CLICK HERE to learn more about a great company who can provide this service for you.

Do you need help with hotels and accommodations…