Good Sam Programs

In today’s world, everyone tries to push their vehicle further and further.  While most vehicles can be fixed, if your warranty has expired and/or your auto insurance won’t cover certain expenses, it is always wise to search out options if you are intending to take a road trip.

There are any number of quality companies that offer such services.  Each has its merits, but if you are going to travel across state lines and especially if you travel across an international border, you really should consider a third-party travel club plan.  So, today I would like to introduce you to the Good Sam family of products.

Good Sam Club

Good Sam has been around for over 4 decades (that’s over 40 years for the non-math inclined) and have a support network across both the United States and Canada.  Why is this important?  Quite simply – peace of mind when you are travelling.


Some of the benefits of the Good Sam Club plans are following:

  • members-only pricing
  • a network of campgrounds with discounts for Good Sam members
  • an association with Flying J offering fuel savings at any Flying J Fuel Center
  • an affiliation with Camping World along with discount for being a Good Sam member
  • an online trip planner
  • discounts on LP Gas
  • discounts to attend Good Sam sponsored RV shows
  • an app for your smart phone
  • and many more!!

Good Sam Travel Assist

  • Do you have health insurance?
  • Does your health insurance cover you outside your home state?

These are questions your should answer before leaving on any road trip.  Why?  When I was traveling between Fairbanks, Alaska and Anchorage, Alaska, I was greeted by a sight I never want to experience personally – three tour buses and several RV’s were in a parking area and at least two people were being attended to by medical personnel.  To make matters worse, they were about 3 hours from Anchorage and at least 2 hours from Fairbanks.

If this happened to you, especially if driving yourself, your health insurance would likely cover some (but probably not all) of your medical expenses, but your health insurance would not cover costs such as hotels for family, getting your vehicle back home, medical evacuation (if needed), and many other costs.

If you have never thought about a travel insurance or medical assistance policy, I urge you to consider it before your next trip.


Just remember, it may not be a medical issue…northern wildlife are really big and a close encounter happens in an instant.banner

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

So, you are on the road and you breakdown or have a flat and need a new tire, would you be prepared.  Most, but certainly not all, travelers would have some type of insurance to help with some costs, but do you know what would be covered.

In these cases, having a supplemental roadside assistance plan can really save the day.    Need a tow?  This plan will provide unlimited mileage towing to the nearest approved service center – again throughout the USA and Canada.  Vehicle broken down?  This plan will provide assistance to the nearest service center.  Again, peace of mind is worth more than a few dollars – and, if you’ve ever been stranded, you know what it can mean.


Good Sam Extended Service Plan

While most newer vehicles have some type of warranty, but does your warranty cover all needed repairs?  Depending on your mileage, maybe/maybe not.  With a Good Sam ESP plan, you will have additional coverage for those repairs that are not covered by your warranty.

Obviously, you should explore all of your options, but click on any of the banners to explore the various options and opportunities with Good Sam.