Preserving your memories…

So, you took this great trip.  You were diligent in taking photographs to record special moments and memories along the way.  But, how do you let people see what you’ve seen and where you’ve been?

Enter Chatbooks

You’ve probably seen them before, maybe you’ve gotten one as a gift, but a photobook is a really neat way to document your photographs without having to lug an electronic device around to show everyone.  Do you really want to be that person sticking your phone, tablet, or laptop in front of everyone to show them pictures?

Using the tools at Chatbooks you can easily upload pictures from any source with an internet connection and create your own photobook to place on your coffee table (or kitchen table), to give as a gift, to pick and choose your best photographs (we all have pictures we’d really rather skip over), and more.

Did you already post photos on Facebook or Instagram?  No problem the tools available at Chatbooks also allow direct uploads from those services to create your Photobook.  And, if all the pictures are on your phone, they have an app for both iPhone and Android to allow you to do everything from your phone.

With multiple sizes and options available (and at a really great price), check out your options and create your photobook today!